The Unofficial EP

by Kayleigh

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A short collection of backlogged songs that I've worked on between 2011 and 2012. Potentially the last of an era of self-produced and self-recorded songs in my back room.


released 11 May 2012



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Never be a minimal
Yesterday you seemed so innocent
I guess its hypocritical
What you do now
You used to say
'I'll never be a sinner'
Now you've picked yourself a winner
Just don't overdo it now...

Cos/but right no you're looking kinda pasty
And are you sure you're not still wasted?
Cos if i'm not mistaken

Wake up
Every single morning just to
Ignore every single warning
And try so hard to keep the sleep talking
Right down To a minimal
i'll never be a minimal
Day dream
Every single lesson just to
Ignore every single pressure
And try so hard to keep bad behaviour
Right down to a minimal
i'll never be a minimal

One day you'll be a little bigger
Be be a little be a lil stronger
Than what you are now
And hey hey the futures looking brighter
But nothing lasts forever
So enjoy yourself now


I got a promise for you,
I got a promise for you,
I swear down I will never be a minimal

Chorus until end
Track Name: Fade away
I've discovered something I think could be beautiful.
And I've found something I think could be wonderful
And I, I've watched your mind run away
But your hearts here to stay,
Don’t you know?

Don’t fade away x2

I've never known someone to be so unpredictable
Cos I've found something, believe me it's a miracle
And I, I've watched as your mind ran away
But your heart never left this place
So don't

Don't fade away x2

If I convince myself to just hold tight
then I know everything's gonna be alright
But If I tell you too soon just how I feel
Then you'll fade away and it'll never be real
Track Name: No number
You've been less than significant to my existence seemingly
But, inside my brain there is a whole lot more to you and me
But I don’t let it out
And I don't let it tear
Apart the fabric of what we have built so I leave it there
These made up stories in my head consume me every day
But in reality comparison drives me insane
There really isn't any
I am saving pennies
Everything you say to me I am saving for a rainy journey

I don’t need a number from you
there's no need for me to call you
I don’t need no number from you
I can wait a little longer

I’ve been thinking it over in the time it took to write this song and
I’ve concluded I don’t really know where I belong but
I don’t let it out
I won’t let it tear
At the memory of those moments that we used to share
These made up stories in my head just do me no good
Cos in the end it stays a fantasy and so it should
Cos I’m perfect for you
And you’re perfect for me
But I know I will keep me thoughts for a rainy journey


I need to hold back just for a while
But that doesn’t mean I forget your smile
Holding back is a sign of strength
I’ll feel the same way but it’ll be better in the end

Track Name: Likes of You
Its funny how you can go
from the subject in my sentence
To my reason for my independence

And i thought you got my flow
But i guess that doesn't matter
When you don't appreciate my banter

Cos I may have felt something but
that quickly turned to nothing
But I admit, I was a little keen

I don't like that you assumed
even though it was all true
And you didn't have to be so mean

You are so cocky so cocky cocky cocky
And I don't have time for the likes of you
Cos you'll think this songs about you
You think everything's about you
But I don't have time for the likes of you

And it's funny how you can go
from the focus of brain
To barely a whisper of your name

And I guess you'll never know
How far this could go
Cos you're never happy to be alone, with me

Because I thought that you were cool
And I liked what you would do
But it was all a littler under reciprocated

And I thought that you were fine
But a massive waste of my time
So see you later, i'm done here


You will never be alright with me,
Cos I reckon that you still honestly believe
That i'm in love with you
I aint in love with you
Hunny, I am really not in love with you
but you, seem to honestly believe